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I love the vinegar and water idea!  That would freshen any odor and do the job well, I bet!  I'd try a test patch with the oxy-clean, too, or you might end up with REALLY light colored carpet! ;D

On the above message suggesting oxiclean, I would try and test a small portion of the carpet in an unobvious place first.  tk

If you have a rug that does not show the dirt but just needs cleaning, my carpet man told me to use a vinegar water solution.  Like 1C vinegar to 3C water.

Now if you have a light colored rug I am not sure.  You might want to try a mixture of water and oxiclean.  Make sure the oliclean is dissolved before you put it in the machine.  tk##

Hey all

        I usually rent those rug doctor steam carpet cleaners. The solution they sell with the machines is very expensive.

I would like to make up my own batch or buy some cheaper

Any suggestions?
If you don't mind could you send me an e-mail?


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