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Thanks everybody.  This has been very educational for me as well and I was just trying to help Steve out.  tkrys

Someone told me that the best thing for your carpet is to only use detergent once every great while, like every 4th or 5th time you cleaned your carpet, and to use plain water all the times in between. :)

I use 1 scoop of oxiclean, to the 2 gallons of hot water, when I rent the rug doctor.  It cleans my rug very well....let me add, that I have a toddler, that makes a mess out of everything he eats.  lol  But this has gotten out all the stains.   :D

Arlene, thanks for the great professional tip!!!  My carpet cleaner has a 1 gallon clean solution tank.  Would you use 1 cup of Tide and 1 cup of ammonia in a one gallon tank?  Seems like that would be very, very soapy.  I'm wondering if you're maybe referring to a larger machine with a larger clean solution tank.  Thought I'd better ask before trying.  Thanks!

I've used great.  One cup Tide detergent, 1 cup ammonia, fill the canister on the   carpet with warm water and use.  For upholstery or detailing an auto, subsapplesue a little dishwashing (liquid) soap, 1 cup ammonia, warm water in a bucket,  Use with a small brush by skimming off the suds with the cleaning brush.  My friend gave me this recipe...her Dad details cars.


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