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Faucet gap


You might be able to buy shorter wall tubes at a pluming supply store. (these are the tubes that the cones screw on to.)

You might find longer cups at a plumbing supply house.

Vicki Hall:
Found a great tub/shower faucet set, brass with white ceramic handles and cups that bring the faucets out from the wall. Installed pipes/fittings for it, then began putting up plastic tub surround. Now realize that the faucets and water spout will not sit flush against the wall! (about a 1/2" gap behind cups!) Any suggestions as to how to fix this so that the job will still look good? Pipes can't go back further.
Thought of round ceramic tiles or coasters (would need holes drilled in middle for pipes to come through and to be glued to surround) or 2 brass plates, one with three holes and a smaller plate for spout.  Caulk? NOT our strong point! Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks.


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