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You need to have your cat castrated.
We did it it cost us $60.00. No more bad smell !!!
I am surprise your vet. did not tell you this.

ann d:
I have read your solutions and tried most of them. I have a male cat, for 7 years with will urinate on almost anything if it strikes his fancy. I have had him checked at the vet, he is healthy no problems. It seems if he gets annoyed at me he will look straight at you and pee. He has even peed on my head on night while I was sleeping, the couch, bed, any and all rugs, my shoes, any clothes that might be laying out, pocketbooks etc. I have also changed the litter, I have one other cat a female no problems.
I throw many items away, I truely love this little brat, but if there is a solution, I know I can find it here. Thanks

C. Barton:
I have a 5month old indoor kitten who keeps urinating and excreting on my carpet (also uses the litter box).  She only does this when we are home, if we go out and she is left to wander the flat she won't do it.  I am very concerned and at the same time running out of patience with her.  I understand that she is only a kitten but it has increased over the past month and is becomming an everyday occurance.  I would be grateful if anyone has any advice.

A friend told me you need to have a heart to heart talk with the cat.  Get down in front of them and look them in the eyes.  You need to say something like "I love you and want you to be happy.  I know something is bothering you but I don't know what even though I have tried to understand.  If you don't stop doing this you will have to go. I don't know where.  Please stop going on the couch (bed or where ever) or you will go.  You probably will not be as happy as you are here.  It is your choice but I hope you choose to stop since I want you to stay."  My friend said she paid a pet doctor $50.00 to be told this.  She tried it and it worked.  She told this to me today.  She mentioned about a friend having a problem with her cat and this solution.  I hope it works for you as well.  

We have just started to have problems with one of our older cats.... just decided to start "going"  on our loveseat... I had to remove all the padding because it stunk... once I got rid of that I placed clean pads down and he continues to do it... even caught the little devil on tape, of course he does it at 2:30am... arrrrrghhh....

Nature's Miracle they say should remove any lingering smells... although they say to use only the Nature's Miracle and use it first because other soaps and deoderants can netralize the chemicals...

Hmmm Spray bottles and foil....

Well spray bottles work great IF.... IF that is... you catch them in the act... otherwise they have no idea what they are being punished for...

Foil... sounds like a good idea... but... in my experience this just moves the cat to a new location and even more stinky furnature or carpeting...

Our local vet says sometime Cats will urinate in different places when they don't feel well...

I the case of it "going" in the same place over and over I think it a behavoir think... there must be a enviormental stimulous... but like me.. we have yet to find it...


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