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Try selling all thay "stuff" you've accumulated on eBay.  You'll be surprised at what people will buy, and it's really easy to do!

Regarding dryer sheets they can be cut into forth's and still do the job.  Then use them to dust your furniture before throwing them out.  Also vinegar will remove any excess soap (if you make a mistake and add too much) from your clothes, remove static cling and soften them if you need to soften your clothes.  Personally I wash them, then pull out excess wrinkles, by hand and hang my clothes to dry.   I also air dry my clothes (most times) for a second wearing before washing them.  Play clothes can be worn even more days.  As a result I only do 2 loads (at the most) a week for 2 people.  Washing by hand eliminates some of the laundry as well.  I wash underwear by hand all week then do it in the machine once a week to realy clean them  As a result I was 4 pairs for 2 people once a week.  

I would start a price book .  You should get a notebook and list the items you buy regularly.  Then start taking notes.  Write down the normal price next to the item and the size of the container.  Now when it goes on sale note the price and what size container.  Then next time it's on sale you will know if it's a bargain or just a smaller size.  I recently saw tuna fish on sale 3 cans for a $1.00. (Basically a normal sale price here in Nevada.)  Well the other day I was in Food for Less and it was on sale for 29 cents a can.  I bought 24 cans.  A savings of over 3 cents a can or at least 72 cents. Make sure you will use the product.  It isn't a bargain if you it just sits on your shelf.  I knew it was a real bargain because I had noted the normal sale price in my price book.  That may not seem like a lot of money but it will pay for a cheap bottle of shampoo that will last me for 6 months or more.  I use olive oil to soften my hair and replenish the moisture.

I use the end of the shampoo by adding water and using that to prewash my hair. Thus I use less full strength shampoo each time I clean my hair because I need less shampoo.  I also use cheap hair conditioner to shave my legs instead of buying shaving cream.  Some men use a bar of soap and a brush to apply it but this seems less irritating to me.      

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Thanks for all the great advices from everyone of you!
That helps a lot.  

Katherine Tiberghien:
You are right, everyone does need to save money! Lately, I have been going through my house and seeing all the clutter and excess things that I have, that have accumulated throughout the years. My thought is i could have saved so much money by not buying these things that I don't use, my children don't use, and the husband definitly doesn't use!
I have yougn children, both girls, so to save money on clothes, they are reused. I am always looking out for *free* hand me downs, which people give away freely. My infant is getting ready to move on to a toddler bed, which my husband found sitting outside waiting for the trashman. Nothing wrong with it' people just throw away lots of things! My sofa is getting a little worn, so I am researching slipcovers for it, instead of buying a new sofa. My washing machine I got for 40 bucks... yes, it was about 20 years old when I bought it, but it washes the clothes, which is all I need it to do! The dryer I got brand new 6 years ago, but all it does is dry. That is all I needed! I am in the military, and stationed away from my extended family, so long distance calls are a must. i got the plan that has unlimited local and long distance calls, because it is still about 30 dollars cheaper than paying for all the calls I make. Of course, I could always go cheaper by just writing a letter and putting a stamp on it, but time is an issue.
Grocery shopping is a place where I can spend a lot of money. BRING A LIST AND STICK TO IT! If I see something I may like but it is not on the list, I write it down and think about it. I do not buy any cleaning supplies or toilietries at the grocery store; I go to the Dollar General store and get all of that for MUCH cheaper. Instead of charging Christmas gifts, I take full advantage of layaways, and again, I shop at Dollar General. I can find toys that they kids love, and when they stop playing with them, they only cost as much as 5 to 10 dollars a toy anyway, instead of 20 to 60.
My phone plan gives me free movie rentals for every 25 dollars I pay on my bill, so for entertainment, we rent movies for free and make popcorn from kernals at home. I bring my lunch to work. That saves a lot of money. Reuse tea bags if you make tea for drinks.. you can use them about three times before they are too weak. I save my dryer sheets after using them once. Put two used ones in the next load and it works just the same. I make menus of what we are eating for dinner that week, and stick to it! No room for, "well, I dont know what to cook, lets go eat out!" That saves money as well.
And my best way to save money.... I stay out of Walmart. I do not go in there AT ALL, without a chaperone. Of course, that is usually the husband, and he gets lost in the sports section, but he is good at telling me, "We don't need that!"


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