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18th Birthday


Don't forget the Birth year Trivia! And (non-embarrassing) trivia about
the guest of honor. Maybe a gift basket drawing for the guests with
items an 18 year old might be interested in (like lottery tickets). Take
your daughters interests, likes and dislikes as a clue. Have fun with it!

Here's a few websites with ideas for teen parties:

Sabrena Nussey:
What about setting up 18 for each year??  You know one when she was just born, one when she was on and so forth...also you could set up a table where guests could autograph a tablecloth...sending her well wishes and such...hope this helps.... could even make a collage by scanning in your favorite pictures of your daughter and printing it out...


Mary Baron:
I am having an 18th birthday party for my daughter with family & friends. I'm looking for "coming of age" celebration ideas. Anyone have anything? Thank you. ::) ::)


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