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Hi all!  I, too, have tried to remove wallpaper.  Today alone I sprayed the wall with fabric softener.... ran dog to vet to treat previously unknown fabric softener allergy... rented carpet cleaner to clean spilled pail of fabric softener from rug.... put giant gouge in wall from putty knife... ran to sapplesches from run in with putty knife..back home to find other dog had peed on wall..not liking fabric softener scent.  Total cost of my day..$475.  Have now decided   wallpaper adds character to hall and can be lived with!

Try putting a rag with water on it.  Let the water soak in and then see if the glue comes up.  If that doesn't work go to or other home improvement store and see if they have a solution.  Or ask at a wallpaper store.

I moved into a mobile home and the wallpaper is also 30 years old or more.  As I started to peel it off I found a contact paper backing.  How is the easiest way to get this off?  In some places I can get it to lift, but in other places it is refusing to budge.

I got a garden sprayer (pump up kind) filled it w/ hot water. Put down plastic and sprayed little sections. I scraped it off with a metal spatula.

Good Information.  Thanks.


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