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Register Roll Cylinders

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I was wondering what could be done with some old pink plastic hair rollers. Since they are about the same as toilet paper rolls, I guessed they could be used for electrical cord taming, but the ideas for the register rolls could also be implimented with the pink curlers.

Thank you for this interesting challange.
I think ii could make a cup out of those cylinders ,buy using  an ordinary plastic milkcap for the bottom.
Once it is a cup container many uses can be found
Paper clip pencils/Pen,paperweight,loose change cup and probably more
Bedroom -
for safety pins, Needle and thread lost the other jewery,cuetips,loose change and again many more
band aids Bobby pins dispose of old razor blades
A  measuring cup for your soaps and other cleaning chemicals
A small 1st aid kit container.


The store I worked at used to save these plastic cylinders for a customer.  He would glue them together to make Christmas door ornaments.  You could make any shape you want; i.e., trees, snowman, wreaths.  You can spray paint them if you like.  He would fasten miniatures lights to one side of the finished product.  Those miniature lights fit nicely in the end of the individual cylinders.

He just did Christmas items, but I suppose you could do other holidays, too.  Making a heart shape that is painted red or pink and has white or red lights on it would be nice for Valentine's Day.

My hubby uses these for holding his smaller paint brushes or tools.  Good luck!


Use them for cloth napkin rings if the width allows. Roughen up the exterior with sandpaper so paint will adhere, use stickers or markers to decorate.

You could also use them to to hold garden seeds, sealing off both ends, of course and marking on the outside the name and date. By the same token they could be used to store such things at safety pins in a sewing box or purse.


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