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Register Roll Cylinders

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You could glue them to a base in multiples, side by side, and use them to hold things ...... you could decorate and make windchimes out of them ..... you could write sayings on them and make them into key chains.  You could string rope through them and make funky room dividers.  

They could be used as rollers for short hair.  Get some thick bobbie pins to hold them in place.  Maybe you could cut them and use to make jewelry.  Round pieces could be used instead of beads.  The long thin pieces might look like macaroni jewelry.  You could also use them instead of popsicle sticks for building things especally if you cut them in half.

Hi!  I am always trying to figure out ways to recycle the tons of stuff we throw away at work (I work in retail).  One object eludes me, though.  We throw away the plastic cylinders that are in the middle of our register receipt rolls when the paper runs out.  They are white plastic, about 3"long, and hollow.  Any ideas on what I could do with these?  The only thing I have thought of so far is bringing them home for the kids to use to build something.


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