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Cinnamon Vogue:
Cinnamon Oil is the best black ant repellent. It's natural, nontoxic and smells great and better than anything out there. The Cinnamon Leaf oil mixed water (2% Cinnamon Leaf oil is fine) will get rid of the black ants within minutes. This is because Cinnamon Leaf Oil messes up the ant's sense of smell which is vitally important to them.

Spray the affected area and wipe it down with a micro fiber cloth. It is actually a good idea spray your whole kitchen or bathroom. Inside the cupboards too.

One of the great benefits of Cinnamon Oil is that you can use it on any surface. Even your fruit bowl and the fruits. Gets rid of those tiny fruit flies and the fruits are safe to eat every if they are covered in the spray. (If you exceed the 2% ratio of Cinnamon Oil it will burn your mouth a little though). Use it inside your refrigerator or on your cutting board to get rid of Salmonella.

Regular use of Cinnamon leaf oil will also stop all kinds of other house insects like roaches from coming. Keeps away rats too. And if you have plants with flowers that do not need to be pollinated, then you can safely spray all your indoor plants to keep away all kinds of tiny insects and get rid any fungus problems on the leaves.

The scent of Cinnamon is well known to increase alertness, memory skills and improve your mood. That should get rid of your foul mood after battling the ants. :-)

Alta Sierra Pest Control:
If you've tried all of these and it hasn't worked yet then you're likely fighting a larger battle. You should have your situation evaluated by a pest control speapplest to avoid over-exposing your home to ants.

Thanks for the advice.  I do not do well with bugs at all, especially in my home.  I'll try out some of these tips and tricks, if not I'll just call a Houston exterminato but I would love to get rid of them and save money.

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Seriously, take an industrial strength vacuum cleaner to them! it will get rid of a good chunk for their numbers if you manage to find the center of the ant colony, thus crippling their network! You might spend a good minute trying to clean the filter afterwards... But well worth the satisfaction of the mass insecticide you will inflict while not using harmful chemicals!

"My husband was in conversation recently with a gentleman in the pest control business. This man preferred to use environmentally safe methods to control pests. His recommendation for ants was: equal parts Windex and Ivory Soap. Simply mix, and spray problem areas."

Um, since when is Windex environmentally safe???


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