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yoram raanan:
simple straight dish detergent works. period.
make a pile of sugar at the bottom of the garden. Lead a thin trail to the point where ants are entering the house. Sweep up any ants in the house. The rest go to the pile of sugar.


You ever tried Charlie's Soap All-Purpose Cleaner? There's not much it won't clean, but it kills ants, too. Really. There must be something to it, if only because of their delightful "caution" on the bottle: "Do not spray directly on cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, ticks, termites, spiders, scorpions, wasps or hornets. In case of accidental exposure, rinse unlucky cratues with potable water for 15 minutes and contact your local Humane Society or qualified insect veterinarian for further instructions."

Forum Admin:
Make sure you read all the posts because there are lots of suggestions.  Off the top of my head, I would try what this poster stated:

Borax and suger...i was usinf 2 cup suger 2 cup borax 2gallons water. water must be hot stir until suger dissolves. soak mound around the nest just enough to wet mound. leave for 24 hours and your promblem should clear in that nest. solution must be dissolved. outdoor only because it could be sticky.


If you can't find the mound, we have taken a medicine cap and filled it with the solution and watched them drink up.  Just put it in their path to find it.  If you can't find Borax we actually used Boric Acid.  I think it took a few days but never came back.

B. S. Zoidberg:
i have ants and ants and ants and nothing rids them. they  like sweets. and protiens. and everything else. peppermint schnapps? they like that too. they are coming in everywhere. its like they live in my house too. im going nuts. terro worked last year but not this year. what do i do????


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