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I am glad to have eco friendly answers to getting rid of pesky ants. I haven't used them yet but can see things that will not harm my grandchildren or cat. This is of course just as important. Thank you.

I am a tech guy, so Terro   which is essentially the same Boric Acid and sugar riecpe my grandpa sold in his hardware store 75 years ago   was about the **last** product I tried to control ants.  Instead, over the years I have used every chemical bait system known to the FDA and then some. Of course, bait is the only way to go with ants; you never want to kill them directly because that will only increase their egg production and make the problem worse.  Its total nest elimination, or else a worse problem a few weeks later. Over the years, I have found some decent modern bait systems. But this year, we were invaded by Argentine Ants.  Literally thousands of these tiny eating machines appeared.  I tried every ant bait I could find in home depot, menards and Lowes   to absolutely no effect.  Interestingly, they actually ate roach bait I had and they loved it (but no effect from that either). Finally, I bought Terro which was quite literally the last product available from the big box retailers that I had not tried: what chance did Boric Acid have where Avermectin, Dinotefuran, and N-Methyl-N'-Nitro-N-Tetrahydro-3-Furanyl-Methyl-Guanidine all failed?? I set 5 drops spread on the windowsill of the window where I saw the most ants.  In 15 minutes, thousands of ants were swarming the drops.  They fed all day and all night 24 7 (have to hand it to the Argentine Ant   they are truly amazing creatures).  I had to replenish the drops which were gone after about 5 hours!  The feeding kept up for 2 days, and then I noticed a sharp dropoff in the number of ants and a lot of dead ants.  A day after that, no ants. Moral?  Don't be fooled by thinking modern science can hold a candle to this stuff.  If you have sugar eating (Sweet) ants of any kind, get this stuff.

Borax and suger...i was usinf 2 cup suger 2 cup borax 2gallons water. water must be hot stir until suger dissolves. soak mound around the nest just enough to wet mound. leave for 24 hours and your promblem should clear in that nest. solution must be dissolved. outdoor only because it could be sticky.

I've lived with ants for years, I've tried just about every remedy mentioned above. I try to keep my house as clean as possible and pay an exterminator to come in once a month. The ants are imuned to everything by now. This should be my worst problem.

I find the best way us to go outside and look for a ant trail up or along an outside wall. See where they are entering and block the hole. They get very confused but move along to another spot. Do same treatment. Eventually they disappera. Mike


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