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I agree with Martin #74 and here is why. I use to hire a bug company and they sprayed everywhere esp. outside to combat the ants. Problem became worse. I realized when they sprayed outside. Hmmm. this killed all the food for ants. so they came inside and moved under my house I believe. 2 things have helped me. I feed them cat food around the perimeter of my backyard they love it and also let these daddy long leg spiders reside in all the corners of my house. they are benign and when you look at the pile of ant bodies below their webs you will be amazed. so they kill the few scouts who meander in and I feed the large flock outside. The ants have actually built a pyramid with my face on it outside (just kidding) but I have had the best antless summer. (occasional attacks occur that are shortlived.) Hearts and minds so to speak.

We live in the desert and have small but very sturdy ants with blocky heads. They appear in waves and will avoid cinnamon but what works best for them is noise. Bang a pot lid near them and they zoom back out the way they come in. We've gotten them trained so tapping a spoon will even get them skedaddling. These ants drown easily so we're careful not to leave puddles or crumbs of food around. When we do slip up and there are hundreds appearing out of nowhere, the spoon or pot lid has them disappear in moments..

Well, the person who said to feed the ants is an environmental nut! I hope no body still believes in global warming as caused by mankind. One volcano eruption produces more pollutant than all of the industrial age. I think the best solution to KILL ants is the diatomaceous earth and ant baits. Keep everything scrupulously clean and mop with bleach/white vinegar. I wish I could plant the mint but this is totally desert and growing anything is difficult.

Martin Buttigieg - Malta:
I have read most of this article comments and I agree with encouraging ants to walk away and try to find food somewhere else. But I don't agree in killing them, they are hard workers, they diserve to live like we do. They are among us for a good purpose, God knows what he is doing. Anyway try to do like me. I feed about 20 ant nest every day shredding some biscuits in my yard. - Regards to anyone who likes my idea.

try using lemon. I tried baking soda at first and they crawled right over it, then I remembered hearing about using lemon to kill them, I squeezed it where they were coming in over the baking soda and it started a chemical reaction that killed them immediately! I left the lemon wedges where they were coming in by my sliding glass door and so far so good. hope this helps! :)


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