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I really can't find where they come from - they are just there crawling one at a time on the counter or in the sink if Ihave left something there that has oil/grease on it. So should I use the boric acid solution even if I can't find the source? Would I just spray it on the splash board and edges of the sink?

JN :
spinkle used coffee grinds around hosue including windows and dooways and the ants will walk up to line and wlak away .

Cathy C:
 2 parts Honey to 1 part yeast. Long time ago someone told me to warm some honey to disolve a some yeast. The honey attracts the ants, they take it back to the nest. The yeast swells up and bam their gone. I heard they actually take it to the queen and feed her, so this may get rid of the whole nest. I placed this mixture in a shallow dish, covered, so other animals can't get to it. They were all gone within a day.

i have baby powder all over my kitchen sink and the ants are still coming in! Now to clean up the powder and try red pepper - or black pepper - or vinegar - or a combination of all of them!

I just poured black pepper all over my kitchen floor. I haved ued ant bail traps, gleased lightening, Hot shot ant and roach gel. (this gel from Home depol ) worked for about 2 months. I believe in 10/w/ maybe my next choice. I can see where they are going out around the back splash. Are they coming in at the same place?


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