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have been battling all morning, the black pepper worked instantly thank you!!!!!!!!!!

I have found several ants in a drawer in my kitchen. What is the best way to remove them. Anything would be appreciated!

my flat is covered in baby powder, hope it works, they've started running in circles, but it kinda seems they've taken the long way round. i hate them now, i had to buy an anti-ant bread box surrounded by water.. grr

I initially sprinkled talc powder around their entry site and as a barrier to my food and garbage. Eventually they stayed away completely and I do not need to put any more powder down at all. I read that they do not like to get any powder on their feet.

ANTS!!! I have a problem with ants also, especially around my animal dishes. Outside I use cayenne pepper circle on a plate around the cat dish to control them. Or take honey and put it in a soda bottle mixed with soap. The honey draws them to a specific location and the soap /honey mix keeps them like a fly trap. Spray 100% vinegar on counters and around where the are entering. It also makes a natural room freshner for homes with pets.


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