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So if you plan to use that mint solution by planting some, make sure you plant it in containers in the ground. Otherwise you will have mint everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. I even found it in the drainage ditch half a mile down the road from our place.

These little creatures are driving me CRAZY! I have tried bleach, pepper, windex, cinnamon, salt, comet, vinegar, and comercial ant houses. Nothing works. They seem to become immune to EVERTHING. PLease help me.

Today I was in my closet looking for something and I have a basket on the floor of my closet, well I have just random things piled in the basket. But today I had picked up the item that was on top and underneath that was my gray cardigin. Well let's just say when I saw it I couldn't even tell it was gray I freaked and regretfully picked it up and threw it. Now there's ants EVERYWHERE in my closet. There is no food in my closet so I don't know why there are so many there. I have no idea where they are coming from either. I haven't tried anything yet but I am soon just want to see if anyone knows which is the best for this situation.

I have ants even in underwear drawers...cabinets..pen holders...folowed one trail once found them on a shirt in a pile of about 20 shirts.. They were feeding off this tiny rubbery tag of my husbands golf shirt. Imagine ants covered the swoosh (Nike) it's sick. I will try basil cinnamon vinegar...

 Chalk & Baby Powder Do Not Work! I have tried this, and watched as the ants just crawl right over it. If you don't believe this, just grab a piece of chalk and draw a circle around any ant on your sidewalk or driveway. I've tried all the remedies listed here, as well as some that are not. But I've found the very best way is to get some diazinon. This stuff kills everything that flies or crawls. Just google diazinon I'm all for the environment, but I've gotta draw the line somewhere. ;-)


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