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Michelle :
I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin & I put dry cat food out for the homeless cats. Every time I put food in the dish, with-in a minute there are hundreds of red ants. ( they are about the size of a "dot" of a pen.) Very,very,very small. Is there something I could put around the dish to keep them away? ( but not harmful to animals) Thanks!

Adolf Rogoschewsky:
The way I got rid of ants that where everywhere, bedrooms, living room and worst in the kitchen was with a vacuum cleaner. I used just the nozzle. Whenever I saw an ant in the kitchen I vacuumed it up. Now once the room appears empty I just sat there and stared. Often as got distracted and turned my head for an instant and when I looked back there was an ant in the middle of the floor. I saw ants coming from crack in the baseboard but that was just a small cave. Eventually I saw that the only place new ant where coming from was through the living room door. I did the same thing in the living room and found they where coming through the door to the porch. I did the same thing in the porch and fond they where coming up through a short cold air duct to the basement . I found that they where coming through a crack in the basement window. I sealed that with duct tape and her problem was solved. Ps there where still a few more ants they were probably in various crevasses. She happened leave an unwashed class with a bit of coke in it on the table the next day there were 7 ants stuck to the coke. After that she intentionally left a unwashed coke class and caught 2 more ants. Since then her house has been ant free. This only took about four hours to do and most of the time we spent sitting there and drinking coffee while we waited to see where the ants were coming from.

does anyone know how to get rid of ant hills we have a major problem with them this year,red, black and flying ants they seen to like poplar trees to killing the trees I'm open to all sollutions thank-you

Verna W.:
I tried the peppermint and it worked wonders. I put a perimeter around the window panes and along the walls * make sure you get every crack* the ants just back away and some tried to swim around it but ended dead.

Edward Mosin:
We have a horrible ant problem at our house! After reading these posts I decided to try a mix of borax, peanut butter and maple syrup. I mixed the three together enough that it was like a dry dough that when in your hands, if you rubbed them together, crumbles into tiny carry-away bits for the ants to easily take back to mama ant. My wife previously had sprinkled borax all over and around our house and for about a week. Afterwards we saw none anymore. The ants all died, but probably didn't get a chance to feed the white death of borax to the queen, They were back in full force less than a week later. After reading these GREAT suggestions, I did the above combination, I applied crumbled piles of it wherever I saw an independent group, the next morning they were all gone and no dead anties except the one I killed for fun while I laid the trap! THANK YOU ALL!


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