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Sunnie Bell:
no mixing bottle is less than three bucks and kills them with a few spritz and your house doesn't smell like vinegar. I love it and found out by accident. I sprayed them to slow them down so I could squish them and missed a couple of them on the wall I didn't see (but since I sprayed all over lol it hit them) they were curled up dead. Since then I have tried it again, on piles of them and they are dead big ones little ones no squishing needed they do not like it, the funny thing is this is the environmentally safer windex lol

Thanks for hilarious comments. 'Glad we're not alone! They come out of our outlets, shower heads, invisible holes in the wall. Basic conclusion: EVERYTHING kills the little applesers - shoot, water or a finger works great! KEEPING them out is a whole 'nother deal. We'll try the Boric acid - sounds like the ratio is the big trick - and yeah, it does seem to help to clean vehemently, get rid of every crumb, vacuum, yada yada. At least they don't bite. Too bad they can't clean!

At the camping site, I got rid of most ants hols very easily. Molasses pore the molasses in the hole the will not be able to get out or in. under rocks when you lift it you will find the eggs and nest pore the molasses on the eggs the ants cannot go through it is like tar for them. So this year I do not have any ant around the trailer the one that decide to survive they went further and I have peace. In the house I use Pledge cleaner were they get in and problem solve. Good luck

I have heard that coffee works, it only attracts them. Boric acid works, be diligent. Terro is essentially the same chemical and works well. Several companies (A--------) have come up with granules that WORK! Sprinkle granules outside, boric acid inside.

I have a huge problem with red ants spreading aphids all over my garden is there anything that takes care of both? I have tried the 2cups water 1cup veg.oil 2tsp. Non-chlorine bleach dish soap but it burns the plants when the sun comes out! And the ants just bring them back within a few days!


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