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just everyday brake cleaner found at your auto store will kill ants on contact it is a poison so be careful

you all got it wrong! you need to work at it;.find starting point then,bait; when ants form line, get vac and boric acid.put boric in vac, and vacuum from bait to starting point.repeat time after time until ants deminish. then pour boric acid in crevise or baitpoison for two to three days.KILL THE ANTS; QUEEN DOESN'T EAT;

i also am fighting ants and have parakeets in my kitchen---be careful about spraying any essential oil near birds! from experience, i made an air freshener ( a few drops of essential oil in a sprayer full of water). after one spray , my little parakeet was showing respiratory distress!! ( the little guy recovered but i learned a lesson!) i would be careful to apply on the ant trail as even the fumes might hurt your birds.

I found that the vinegar worked brilliantly. Everyday last year in April, i would diligently spray the entire area where the ants were coming I sprayed about twice a day or everytime i saw them, and after about 3 weeks i had no more for the rest of the summer. I also tried the baby powder which really does make them angry!!! But the vinegar completely worked. I think if you need to get rid of them you have to practically sit over them for a few weeks. Having said all that, they came back again this year so I do feel as if I'm back to square one... but i've got my big cheap vinegar and I'm all prepped to get rid of them again.

Linda Skeggs:
We have large ant hills in our lawn and tried many any killers back they come back every year, any suggestions that work?


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