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Black Pepper didn't work for us, but I will keep trying different methods something has to work I am sick of them!!

Macie Staples:

Nik the Brick:
One more to add to the pile of ideas, try mixing aspartame and a little flour. I hear that kills them. I hear aspartame turns into wood alcohol in the body, same stuff used in making some perfumes. Probably should not eat the stuff yerself. heh.

robert in arkansas:
I have found that using a can of 10w/40 lube spray will kill ants instantly and keep them away for a while but best used outside where you have ants going up the foundation! Have used inside but test spot s before spaying on countertops or painted surfaces!

I have tried many things such as Vinegar and water, that did not work, the chili powder didn't work for me either. I did the baby powder and that only seemed to work the first time. I even mopped my hardwood floors in vinegar, but the dumb things are back, I am at my wits end with this because of the fact I have two toddlers two dogs and a cat in the house so I can not do poisons in my house. the dang things are in every room of my house,


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