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virginia latscha:
i have two dogs and two cats what can i use that wont harm myanimals

Seventh Generation Multi Surface Cleaner with thyme oil kills the ants almost immediately. Vinegar and water didn't kill them for me, maybe my solution wasn't strong enough.

Ron in Toronto:
I noticed this morning that my old-fashioned orange juicer had about 50 ants inside even though I had washed it after the last use. So I cleaned it up, made myself a nice glass of honey tangerine juice, and left the remains of the tangerine in the cupboard near where they enter, open side up. Now they are swarming into the tangerine -- and in order to get there they have to cross a ring of diatomaceous earth! This bait works incredibly well. In one day I've flung open the cupboard door and thrown that tangerine shell into the kitchen sink, and washed hundreds of ants down the drain with boiling water. The tangerine half is still working tonight and there are far fewer ants elsewhere in the ktichen. Die, you devils, DIE!

Windex Multi-surface with Vinegar... Works...not sure if they will stay away for any length of time though. Safe on wood floors, too.

Clarke Pegg:
The thing that works best for me is a few drops of C.I.L. liquid and killer wherever they come in and they take it back to the nest and in seven days the colony will be dead works every time.


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