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I read somewhere about using vaseline to deter ants. I applied some along the door frame of a trouble spot in my home--the ants were coming in through little cracks between the pieces of frame! I watched as several ants would not cross the semi-sticky vaseline barrier. I did caulk the area as best as I could, but I know the vaseline helped keep the ants at bay as well. I applied some in my cupboards recently when I found a few stray ants in them. I like how the vaseline is clear and can't be displaced as easily as remedies in powder form. I simply apply the vaseline with a cotton swab that I've dipped in the vaseline jar.

I have a horrible foundation problem in my apartments. They several times sprayed everything but the ants still keep coming back. I saw them crawl out of a phone jack in the kitchen. But in my bedroom they're always on my nightstand and I can't seem to figure out where they're coming from. I tried Windex but that didn't do much but get them a little dizzy. Salt didn't do much either. I will try the pepper and cinamonn tonight.

MY visting in NV:
Visting my sis and she has a major infestation...baits not last night, I grabbed the Windex bottle and sprayed it in the hole they seemed to be coming from in the kitchen center island. This morning, way less ants are here in the kitchen. Seems that we may have discouraged them so no new ones are coming in. And I just found your site this morning so now we are going to sprinkle cinnamon around the foundation and see it that will help keep them outside!

B in VA:
I did an experiment at school (Science Research Project or SRP) on natural or homemade ant repellents. DO NOT USE CUCUMBER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!! If anything, it attracts them. Vinegar (especially red wine, but any kind works) and baking soda or powder work really well. The ants hightailed. While the cleaning agents mentioned DO work, the ones I just listed are eco-friendly along with Simple Green.

I just moved into a place and it gets sprayed by termnex but i still have ants they drive me crazy how do i get rid of them for good my neighbors say i won't ever be able to get rid of them cause we live by a crick but please help me and prove them wrong b4 i go ant crazy. :)


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