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Heather in LA:
Peppermint essential oil - you can get it lots of places including Whole Foods. Put a couple drops at the end point of where they have arrived and they will reverse course on their own. I don't like to kill them so that's what I do. You can also use your finger to smear a line of it and they won't cross it. The first ones might as the smell confuses them and they run around a bit. Wash your hands after and don't touch your eyes! It is very strong, but non toxic. I have reversed a 100' foot line that way - took a couple hours but they did not come back. And that line was like 1" thick! Then note where they came in and caulk that hole.

you know what worked for me. i made a paste made of comet and water. you ues more comet than water i am not sure excactly the amount. mix it together until its a paste. take a knife and spread it around the infestation. it killed the ants on contact and creates a barrier so they dont come back in. hope that helps

I have tried everything I could think of that is pet friendly and nothing is working. In fact, they are tripling in number. They are in everything. Clothes, cupboards, food, counters, heaters, floor and even in the fridge. Last resort, I think is to bomb everything and move. If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I have tried back pepper, baby powder, cinnamon, cornmeal, disinfectant spray, bleach, ant traps, and salt.

If you just want to kill the ants, I have found glass cleaners to be very effective. Just one squirt will kill as many as it contacts. After the ant genicide use a paper or cloth towel and wipe down the counters. Unfortunately this only kills those that you spray it on but considering thats what most ant sprays do, I prefer the smell of window cleaner over poison any day. Also if you can stand leaving the dead ants laying around the effect seems to last longer before you get invaded again. Have a great ant free Christmas and good luck in your war on ants.

baby powder works really well. thanks so much for this article!


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