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I also had "critters" weavels in my dry stuff in my pantry.  I cleaned out my pantry completely, washed down the shelves with bleach water, and put the good dry stuff in plastic containers and mix packages in baggies.  Then I put whole cloves on the shelves and in the buckets where my mix packages are and now the weavels are gone.  It does take a while, but it is worth it.  I had never had them, but when we moved into our house, the previous owner left me a present (one among many.)  Good luck. :D

When I clean my cabinets out I always use a vinegar and water mixture and dry well.  Then I too use the bay leaf method - Mom always did it so of course I do too and its always worked.  I don't do the freeze product thing - I have heard of it but I think  :o ewww then i got dead mealy worms (or whatever they are) in there!  What I do is - I have airtight canisters for flour and such when I buy more I open the package and look it over before I add to container.  I know someone who does this same thing but if she finds some she takes it back to the store with her receipt and gets a refund.

Wash all of your cabinets inside and out.  This will remove a lot of the eggs.  Store all pasta, flour and the like in sealed  containers that don't let air inside.  Freeze all of these things when you purchase them to kill any of the moths that may be inside. It takes at least 2 weeks to kill off all the eggs that hatch.  You must wash the shelves every day. Use a light bleach solution then rinse throughly and make sure they don't have water or food sources.  I had them once all summer I killed them regularly but they got into some dog food and lived off of that.  I finally got rid of all food sources and and then used long lasting bug spray to get rid of them.    I didn't know about these other methods at the time.

When I discovered that problem I started storing dry goods in the freezer for 2-4 weeks. It works. I've also heard of the bay leaf treatment and am going to try it too!

Diana n Texas 2 ;)

Many of the kitchen bugs do not like bay leaves.
I stopped the problem by getting rid of all dry
mixes,even the unopened ones since I had
been told some of those little critters can get in
even closed packages.  Then I put some bay
leaves on each shelf.  And I put 1  opened
box of bay leaves each on 2 shelves.  In a
very short time-the bugs were gone and I
haven't had a problem since.  It worked for
me and I hope it will work for you.  Good

Jeane in Texas


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