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Keeping cats out of the garden

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If you want your cat to run wild, don't bring it in the city. If your cat enters my yard it is free game to keep it out of my gardens. Dogs are to be kept on a leash and not roaming the neighborhood, same goes for a fricken cat! We don't let our kids roam through everyones property, same goes for a fricken cat!

how about cat owners act responsibly and keep their pets out of their neighbors gardens??

brilliant i'm glad cats will do this to themself, i put down a concentrate of the hottest chlli pepper down, it does the job and ids hilarious seeing the cats sniff/lick it, just quality

I have an air rifle that I can shoot them with but dont want to kill them so I am buying a slingshot as I have an acre to protect from their feces, I think a couple of shots will keep the cat from doing its business on my lawn.

Nice article


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