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Removing dinnerware marks


Chef Steve Nix:
NEVER use ANY powder to remove metal marks from china! Never use anything abrasive or that requires rubbing. Metal marks occur UNDER the glaze so you have to rub through the glaze to remove them which obviously harms your china. Liquid Chinamate cleaner removes metal marks just by soaking the china in it for 3 hours or more. Chinamate contains no bleach or abrasive ingredients and is over 95% water. Just see for yourself

I just bought the Ellery Collection dinnerware from Cindy Crawford. After the first use, there were grey scratch marks on the plates. I used BarKeepers Friend and they came out. Does anyone know how to prevent them? Is it my flatware? If so, what type of flatware do I get? thanks to all!!

Mark Breeding:
Chinamate is the best thing I have found to remove metal marks from my china. It doesn't have any bleach in it and will not hurt the finish on fine white china.

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