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Forum Admin:
Looking on the internet, I see many posts referencing a Dr. Rowen but going to his website I can't find anything that substantiates the use of DMSO in that manner.   He even is supposed to have an eye formula but that page is coming up blank too.  So I would require more evidence before I tried that kind of treatment.

Anton Lindberg:
Is it true that undiluted dmso can be droped dierct in the eye against cataract?


Bryan Barfoot:
Ive used DMSO for about 2 days. I got it from a feed store. It is 99% pure. Paid 7 bucks for 16oz. I mix it 50/50, 50%DMSO and 50% distilled water. You can mix it as high as 75/25 but not anymore. I added Arnica in liquid form and I use it on my shoulder. I have had pain in my shoulder for 3 months. It is or has gotten a lot less since using it. I put it in a spray bottle so I can get the back of the shoulder as well. One thing I was told is to make sure the area you are going to put it on is clean and dry. Do not use gloves to put it on. Use clean hands or a cotton ball. If your skin is fair mix in aloe-vera so your skin wont itch. Also you can drink the liquid starting at no more than 2 teaspoons at a time. If you do 2 teaspoons and experience trouble back off the dose. The effects last for a short time. I would have liked to find it sooner. Man I sleep well too. Nuff.

mike hailey:
I had rheumatoid arthritis when I was 25.All my fingers were numb at the tips and when it almost got to my wrists I heard about a doctor in Mexico that might cure it with DMSO IV.After two sessions and 48 hours later I was filling much better.Went back two days later for last IV and went home.In a few months I was cured.I am 71 now.The doctors son-in law is doing it now in across from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Does anyone know if DMSO really works on Transverse Myelitis and other things like that?
 Thanks ,Ruby


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