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DMSO for Human use - health

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Wilma H:
Read an article yesterday about the use of DMSO w 2 other ingredients as an eye drop for the starting of cataracts and other eye problems. Has anyone used this.

rose malveaux:
what about dmso gel

Shirley B:
Our family has used DMSO for 50 years. I live in Oregon. When I was a kid I put it on my Moms back. My grandmother wore a leg brace,but as I grew up, she no longer needed it. When I hurt my neck and back she told me she drinks 1 tsp every morning. I use it, I dont drink it and my grandmother lived to 94. It helps a sprained ankle immediatly. It helps carple tunnel. I taste celery when I use it, my friend tastes nothing. Its amazing, try it.

I was suffering from severe syatica. nothing I tried worked.then I tried dmso and the pain was gone

I've found that DMSO not only relieves pain, it also causes injuries to heal a lot faster than they ordinarily would, while diminishing scar tissue.


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