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I was highly active in martial arts in my early 20's and I used DMSO on a regular basis to recover from bruises, sore muscles, joint pain etc. I experienced the garlic taste but the benefits out weighed the side effects. I recovered from my injuries much more quickly when I used DMSO. I'm now in my late 30's and I've started training martial arts again. I will getting a new roll on bottle of DMSO at the farm supply store this weekend in order to speed up my recovery time. On a related note my wife suffers from degenerative disk disease. The muscles in her lower pack are in constant pain and spasm. I'm hoping that DMSO can help her with this chronic pain. So far, the only thing that has helped her is prescription strength ibuprofen cream.

i was in a bad car accident years ago....almost left me w/o legs...i still have them but i live in pain every single day...i could live on pain killer and injections but instead i use DMSO...it was actually founded in the late 1800's and used regularly until the 1960's when the pharmacutical companies hooked up with the doctors and is now all the craze....it is amazing for arthritis...and upon all the books i am reading about it...also known to cure some cancers.....it can also be injected into the body....there is so much info out there for this....Canada and the UK still use it regularly...but the USA is all about the mighty dollar....i highly recommend using it for people who are in pain...i have done my research to the gills....the only side effects it has is the odor which is mostly like a garlic/corn husk type smell....and you may taste garlic in your mouth....and it makes you pee.....other then that it is all natural and my life saver!!!!!!....if you watch sports....when there is an injury this is what they are putting on the players when they get hurt....it is totally safe...I PROMISE!!!!!

I grew up in Oregon where clinical trials were done in the 60's. My father took part in a study for DMSO. He had pain in his knees so bad he gave up bowling, which for him was a big deal. DMSO cured him. The pain never came back and he lived for another 40 years. Rod

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