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carl branch:
two questions: using 99.9% DMSO, how much should be mixed with how much water, as a drink? presently I am unemployed and am seeking employment which brings us second question: how long after ingesting this drink will the smell of garlic (or whatever) last? job hunting is bad enough without smelling bad. and my reason for taking it, is in hopes that it will rid me of COPD. I did smoke for 45 years, and quit 15 years ago. a quick response will be appreciated. thanks. Carl

earl burke:
Has anyone out there used a liquid called arthrilief for horses and dogs.Its available at our local coop feed store and looks like it would be good to take for arthritis.It has msm and glucosamine with condrotin.

I have had bladder incontinence for years. A doctor recommended drinking an ounce of DMSO a day for it. Believe it or not - within about 10 days, I am no longer incontinent! I am a 73 year old Certified Nutritional Counselor, and Licensed Acupuncture Physician, getting younger all the time. My husband and I use it daily for many problems - we buy it from a country feed store - for horses, of course!

As a pharmacist, I recommend DMSO to my customers. I tell them to get it from a tack shop, which is a horse shop. I have used DMSO off and on for 40 yrs. and am 62. My mother used it at my recommendation for her bad back and told me it was the only thing that relieved her pain. She lived to be 84. Now for you doubters their is a medical product Rimso-50 that is 50% DMSO. It is used for intersapplesial cysapplesis In other words you can put it in your bladder as a rinse, but the FDA will not ok it for topical use. Is that stupid or what. Just get some and use it. Burns, sprains, and many other injuries respond greatly to it and heal a lot sooner. Of course most MD's hate it because they do not understand what the hell it is and how it works. Sometimes they are educated idiots.

I have a friend who suffers from M.S. and also has arthritis. She has heard of a cream that is for horses but is being used for human arthritis. If any one can tell me the name of the cream, both she and I will very much appreciate it.


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