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Making fresh flowers last longer

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This website gave me some good imformation for my science fair project. I'm doing it on what kills flowers quickest when submerged in 3 drinks: diet coke, coke, and water. Finding out that sugar keeps them living longer, that totally changes my theory. :) :0) :O

 I like this website it gave the answer I was looking for. It really help me in a big way.

The reason sugar works is not to nurish the flowers s but that it's ntibacterial! Sugar and Honey are natural anti bacterials and used to be used as pastes to speed healing of elderly patients bedsores.
I was really looking for this kind of information. It is really nice post. which helped me lot.

sara driver:
i love this website its awsome im doing a science prject and this site helped alot!!!!!!! thanxs


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