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This is a similar post as this one on the forum.  You might want to check that out for more responses.

I'm skeptical about using products, like Vaseline on my skin due to the petroleum content entering the bloodstream, as well as the wider environmental impact of consuming those types of products. I've found that olive oil, aloe as well as some the other aforementioned natural remedies work really well, without the toxic side effects.

i was wondering if its ok to use regular sugar and the kinda soap that foams i usually use the expensive stuff and i wanna save some money so is it ok

Barbara Alexander:
Thank you I found 4 old bottles of Moroline in my mother chest and I wanted to know what it was and used for, but I see it is like using vasaline am I right or can it be used for other things? Thank you and you be bless too!

Nice article


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