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It may seem obvious but changing driving habits can help a lot.
Rabbit starts consume much more as well as speeding.
I always like to see way ahead of me...if I notice that there is a red light I coast, many times I've noticed the light changed and I've saved gas that way.  Anytime you step on the brakes you are wasting gas...


You know what they say about things that seem to good to be true...

Along with what has been said above, I would also say to switch to synthetic oil if your car/truck has less than 100,000 miles on it. Also change the differential oil (front, rear, or both) with synthetic oil - I use Mobil 1. The more efficiently the power is transferred to the wheels, the more gas mileage you will get. Its the little things that count.

Yes, my husband bought one of those things years ago and it was a complete piece of junk.  You know when the instructions have words spelled phonetically, and sound like a Korean factory worker wrote them, you are in trouble.  It did not do anything for our gas mileage, but did have a digital display that was supposedly the mileage we were currently getting, as we were driving.  Whatever.  Chalk that up to stupidity.  The other replies are correct in that proper tire inflation, regular maintenance (simple oil change every 3 months/3000 miles) is your best investment.


I was so hoping someone was on to something.  I guess the sticker for me was the explanation of how they worked.  It's a lot of the same theory for converting vegetable oil to biodiesel, which actually does work, so it seemed feasible.  Oh well...


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