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Electric vs propane heating

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Will Gaudreau:
Now that Qaddafi has shown oil refiners they can charge pretty much anything they desire, we will get hammered next year on the cost of our propane. I never thought we'd be considering an electric furnace, but nuclear, wind, solar and coal will, from now on, be cheaper than propane, which is pegged to the price of gasoline. If we weren't selling our house, I'd fire up the chainsaw and install one of those wood fired backyard units.

Wow, so glad to have found this thread. My husband and I just moved to a cute little 2 bedroom cabin that's heated with propane. We've never been in an area that used propane before. It cost us over $500 to fill the tank, and that was just about a month and a half ago. It's already down to 30%!!! To say I was shocked and disturbed is an understatement. We have been trying to avoid using the heater, but it has been so cold lately, and we still have a few months to go... I had no idea propane was so expensive! We were charged $3.75/gal!!! I would never think electric heaters would be a cheaper option, but I will have to look into them. There's no way we can afford to rely solely on propane... ridiculous! We love renting this little house, but it is pretty drafty, and definitely not energy efficient! It is only about 1000 sq feet. I can't believe we are looking at $250/month without even counting electricity costs! Ugh.

death by propane:
We bought a propane-heated home in October, and it is wiping out our savings account. First bill in late November was $400. 2nd bill was first week of January for $1,086. JUST received another bill this weekend (for one month of propane usage) and it was $876!!!! I'm pretty sure I had a mini-stroke upon opening that bill. I don't know how propane companies are staying in business at these prices, but we are switching to an electric unit before next winter even if I have to take out a loan to do it. It's RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!! (and by the way, we are only heating the lower level of our home and it is only about 1500 sq ft - we are keeping the upper level closed off - also keeping the thermostat set no higher than 66 degrees so we aren't even feeling warm) :(

Greg Ralyea:
To just passing by- Agree- Geothermal is highly efficient, and cost effective (cheap) to operate. But, what is the cost to have the wells, either vertical or trenches for horizontal storage, drilled or excavated. In our area, it would be $50,000 plus to have a geothermal system engineered and installed, according to our local heating contractors and PA public utility people. I don't want to be perceived as disrespectful, but the payback on that is too long for me.

I have a brand new townhome, approximately 1700 sq ft. I live in the DC Metro area, and have propane bills that range from 400-600 a MONTH during the winter. This is keeping the thermostat at 67 in the day and 62 at night. Always FREEZING in my home. Had I not got on the "budget plan" this year and locked in my propane price at 2.59/gallon, my bill for January this year would have been over $700!!! For a townhome! Do NOT use propane to heat your home if you can help it. I am looking at selling my home because of this.


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