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Electric vs propane heating

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for those that need proof of frugal life's accurate claim (or if you'd like to compare costs of other heating sources) see the US Dept of Energy's comparison calculator at http://www.eia.doe.gov/neic/experts/heatcalc.xls

Betty W.:
You are right that propane heat is expensive. I spent over $2000. 00 this past winter (in 6 months) to heat a 1600 sq. foot house in North Carolina. We had an electric heat pump in our previous home and our bills averaged about $160/month.

We live in the Northwest. When we first built our house 15 years ago we had propane forced air system put in. That year we had a really bad storm and we went through a 250 gallon tank in 3 weeks. This cost us around 400.00 or so now it is up to 600.00 to fill the tank. I have been avoiding using the propane heater. We also had put in a heat pump and pellet stove. I am considering putting in an electric furnace, and have been slowly doing away with propane because of the cost.

On the Fence:
Kinda on the fence about both.. Propane in north Carolina is so expensive but we have never had electric.. I wanted to find out the cost to get an electric pump installed and i happen to see this site.. we are on a budget plan and our regular payment is 150 for 11 months with top offs every month... i was new to propane so i think they took advantage of that and now i am stuck and dont know what to do.. any suggestions?

Harry P:
I agree that Propane is a better fuel, but the fact is that the rates charged by electric utilities is regulated whereas propane suppliers are not. They are able to charge you any rate because they know you cant hop suppliers easily. I stick to electric , much less effort than dealing with greedy propane suppliers


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