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Electric vs propane heating

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I grew up in a Propane heated house.  My parents bought (not rented) a 1000 gallon tank and just purchase their propane in the summer for the rest of the year from whoever in town is the cheapest.  usually ends up being between $0.90 to $1.30 per gallon.  I live in North Dakota by the way so the Furnace has to work overtime most of the winter around here.  The tank is usually filled with 800 gallons and that lasts us till next summer. the bill usually being between 850 and one year it got to almost 1000 but you split that down by 12 months and thats 70 to 83 dollars a month or if you just want to count the cold months around here divide it by 7 or 8 and you get 142 a month at the most.  Not sure who you are all doing business with but you are getting screwed.  Also propane may cost more in your areas...its best to do research on whats the cheaper commodity in your area.

You should really shop around.  Most providers will discount the price of a gallon of propane depending on how much you use.  The northeast's largest provider will discount the price of a gallon to $3.79g from $4.79g  if you use 300 gallons+ in a year.  Another local provider will drop the price to $2.69g if you use more than 400 gallons+ in a year.  I got tired of the cost of the heat pump and the propane a few years back and had a wood stove installed.  Where I am at, I can get 4 cords of firewood for $400 delivered and dumped.  I go through $800 in wood each year (October-April) and always have some extra left in May.  I live in a 3200 sf home in Northern Virginia.  The home is always warm and if there is a power failure, we still have heat.  We use the heat pump's air handler to move the hot air around.  Even with that, our electric bill is only around $90 per month (we have a hot tub).  Yes, wood takes a little more effort (cleaning out ashes, loading the stove and checking the chimney each year), but it is well worth it to have a house that is always at 75 degrees all winter long.  I found this site because I am considering installing a whole house back up generator.  The generator consumes 3 gallons of propane per hour.  I don't think the benefit will justify the cost of the generator (5K) and the cost of the propane to run it.  Good luck to all of you.

Kyna ARbogast:
Please add to the above comment, My cost for electric is about 10cents/(what ever the unit is they measure by). So not terribly high but not as low as you can find. The bill I quoted was for a family of 3.

Kyna ARbogast:
To comment #3, MR. "upper management in the propane industry for over 30 years" Your costs for heat pump heating are 100% vauge! I have a 1700 sq ft single family, built in 2002. The house in entirely electric! During winter 2010 we had a electric billing month of 30 days with 20+ days of tempuratures BELOW FREEZING! My heat pump heated house was only $266! I keep the day temp around 69 and night temp at 67. If you are going to quote a heating cost/mo you must state the house size and age and heating tempurature as well as the outside air temp!

Beth Clemensen:
First, the fireplaces originally mentioned are likely a heat sink -- that is, losing heat -- unless they are a Rumford or Bell Rumford design which is energy efficient. (Just Google it.) Second, consider a pellet stove in your primary living area. I heat most of my house with a small pellet stove. One winters' worth of pellets costs about as much as one month's worth of propane heat. I use my high energy efficient propane furnace on those rare occasions (usually in January) when the pellet stove just isn't enough, and at all other times as backup. Set to 55 degrees, it comes on if the pellets run out at night or I'm away from home. Good life to everyone!


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