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I looked online first and found out that there is a spray
called feliway for cats that spray in the house.

So if anyone else has this problem here is a link to it.

I haven't taken the cats to the vet yet but I intend to.

I am pretty certain that it is a territorial thing because
they didn't start doing it until I started allowing strays
to come in the catdoor and eat.

Thanks to all of you for your help, it is nice to be here.


Dogs are territorial that way so why not cats.  They may also just dislike that the others come and go as they please.  Ask your vet to check them for any physical problems first.  Then tell him/her what you wrote and ask them what they think might be the cause.

I am interested in this feliway spray... what is it and I am assuming you get it at petstores? I will look it up after I finish this reply.

I got to thinking and I thought maybe they are doing it
because I have adopted some strays that come in and eat here. They don't really stay in the house though,
they just sort of come in and eat and then go back out.

I thought maybe they were spraying their territory so
that the strays wouldn't come in. Because they are
both fixed and I can't remember either of them spraying
before..... could that be what the problem is?

Both of my cats are very  protective of me,their master,
and they don't want any other cats in their territory so
maybe all in all it is merely a territorial thing.

What do you all think?

I have a 15 year old cat that just started peeing everyday for almost amonth.  Nothing showed up on tests, infact his bloodwork was excellent.  The vet said it is possible to have an infection be so mild it doesn't show up on tests.  After a round of antibiotics and one bottle of Feliway spray, he stopped!  Consequently, he had his teeth cleaned and an couple pulled so, this may have been what was making him feel bad and acting odd?  He is much more social and spunky than I have seen him in years!  

My husband and I just inherited an older, fixed, cat that had also begun a nasty habit of urinating on EVERYTHING including filing cabinets, furniture, floor vents, and luggage.  From what I had read, it said that if you completely cleaned up the urine and put a cat food dish with their food in that area they would stop.  It didn't work.

After a week of finding Kitty's favorite spots and having to clean up after him I finally took Kitty to the vet to make sure there was nothing physically wrong with him.  He checked out fine.  The vet suggested that this was a psychological condition and put Kitty on a low dose of valium.  While this definitely decreased the number of areas being sprayed it didn't eliminate the problem.  The vet changed Kitty's medication to 5 mg of Amitriptyline (half a tablet).  The problem is now eliminated and Kitty is much happier now that I am not yelling at him.

I wish you all the luck.



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