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You dont have to use a bread pan to make bread. If you make it on the stonewear, you can make a round loaf, like they used to make in the oven. I always think these look prettier & fancier than the loaf shaped ones, anyways! There is a good recipe for this type of bread on the Williams Sonoma site. Good luck!

Our local Walmart type store - called Meijer - sells them.  They are much cheaper than pampered chef and they appear to be the same exact thing.   I believe I've also seent them in Walmart otherwise trying shopping online at Meijer, you can find it doing a google search.  

Another suggestion would be to host a pampered chef party.  DH used to do that alot - he got the entire grill set from a show and from a few others I got the cookie press, a vegetable tray that turns into a deviled egg serving tray, the ice cream scoop and tons of other cool things and the only thing we ever purchased was the ingrediants for the recipe the consultant was going to make at the party.  They are alot of work though so you may just want to shop your local stores to see if you can find them.

Good Luck

I love the pampered chef stoneware!!  I have the pizza stone, and use that for all my pizzas unless I'm making a really big one.  The bread stones are wonderful.  They recently came out with a mini-loaf pan which is stoneware.  I have that one, and love it as much as the others.  The baking is so much more even, and my stoneware loaf pans are the first thing that I reach for when making bread!  If you don't feel that you want to pay the high price, look into having a party (Pampered Chef)...I recently had a catalog party - no in-home stuff - and got my mini-loaf pan for free.  Just a suggestion!  Stoneware is expensive anywhere you go, but it's worth the price to me!

Hi Momof9!

Have found a store in Cornwall, ON that sells stoneware "sheets" (about 1' 1/2 x 1').  Could be an interesting alternative.  Price seemed reasonable too.

Still looking for small bread pans at good price...

Happy New Year !


I think I heard somewhere that you can buy an unglazed tile at the home improvement store to bake a pizza, etc. on in your oven.  You might want to research that.


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