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Makes sense that it would taste different and that you would have a problem with choosing the right size pans.  Do the search I suggested.  If that doesn't work I hope some one else can help as I have never used stoneware.

Have been using the above for years!
It's just that I recently received a gift of a couple of stoneware plates for the oven and it just makes pizzas
come alive!
Now I would like to try stoneware for bread but the prices are high and sometimes the sizes can make it difficult to make the right choice.

Do a search on' Stoneware Cookware' or similar words. You should find other dealers besides pampered chef. I personally use glass baking dishes by Pyrex for my baking needs. My friend used regular metal baking loaf pans to make bread, meat loaf or what ever. I use a metal pizza pan to make pizza.


My first post here.

I've just discovered the use of stoneware to cook my pizza crust. offers quite a variety of accessories but I'm looking for some lesser expensive stuff to make bread.  Anyone have an idea where I can seek and find?


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