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Moles in the yard

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I have found that urine is a great deturent. Pet or human, they don't like the smell. So we mark our yard & apply more when we start to see new holes.

Juanita ogletree:
I put moth balls into their tunnels & the next morning they had tossed them back out. It looked like nickel sized hale all over my yard.
Moles do not I repeat do not eat spearment gum. They do not like the smell of spearment, garlic and other items.

There was a garden center near us and the owner recommended applying milky spores to the yard, it kills the grubs the moles are after. He said it could take a year or two for them to multiply and do the trick. Also he said to take Wrigley's gum (green wrapper) put on a surgical glove, (moles hate human scent). Put an unwrapped stick down in the mole run. They really have a taste for the gum and when they eat it they can not digest it and die. I have no idea if either suggestion works.

Cynthia Quast:
I have found by placing used cat litter down a few of the holes that moles will be gone in a day or two. Apparently they can't stand the smell!


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