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my friend is having trouble with moles in her yard. We have looked online for advice. Nothing has worked. I was reading, and saw Scott Js answer. I was wondering what caster beans were?

I have had moles all summer and i put out trap, and poison peanuts. and i sill got those little dovels. now it is fall and they are still here, and my yard look so bad and just makes me sick.

Hello, Well this may not be what you had in mind, but the best solution that I have ever found is healthy young cat. The yard will look worse for a while but after about a season the moles that live through it have moved elsewhere. In addition cats are nontoxic (if you don't have allergies) and have numerous health benefits such as lowering your blood pressure. Seriously, it has been documented. Goodluck, Celia

What are some other ways you have found successful in getting rid of moles?


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