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Moles in the yard

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I've had really good luck with the bait and applicator I found at

I was wondering if I put mothballs into the mole tunnels, will it kill my grass ?

March 18 2011 The snow has melted & my front lawn is covered with tunnels from the pesky moles. Will they come back once I repair the damage or is this a one time thing. There is still frost in the ground so it will be a month before I can do any yard work.

I read the comment about using a cat to catch the mole, but ask any vet and they'll tell you moles will sicken and poison cats. The cats can die from ingesting them. The castor bean sounds like a good idea. Same with the tobasco sauce. There are also plant that keeps them away. Just google for that for the various types. But I really wanted to mention that cats do get very sick from eating moles and arent the solution at all. If you love your cat, find a way to get the moles out of your yard.

old dude:
 1 -1/2 tbls Tobasco sauce 1 tbls chilli powder 1 tbls of liquid dish soap mix with 1 quart of water and pour into tunnel in random spots


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