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Natural ways to repel mosquitoes

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I use 100% pure vegetable glycerine on my skin, and am never bothered by mosquitos or other pests. It also serves as my skin lotion and is excellent in the winter time for dryness. It can be found at any health food store. gigi

I have a 7 year old son whom is always geting eat up by them. Last night he was outside and this monring I looked and seen he is covered head to toe in bites. They are really big and red, what would be the best thing for a child to put on and is any of the things above not good for kids?

The Avon Skin So Soft product really works, I live in Florida and we all know the weather here is moist and humid, just perfect for mosquitoes. So if I plan on doing yard work or just intertaining outside I apply Skin So Soft by Avon and Im protected for hours without having to re-apply. No Im not and Avon Rep just a long time user of their Skin So Soft, and like i said it really works.....

The Avon Skin So Soft really works, I live in Florida and the mosquitoes are aggressive and thirsty here, however I smooth on the bath oil by Avon and I can stay outside all day without re-applying for many hours....

allison gilliam:
Here in SC, the moquitos can be vicious. Everday, I would get bites all over my legs and forearms. I was avoiding my yard as much as I could, but there was work to be done. I started, last week, to take a high quality B1 tablet every morning. I have not had a single bite. I am just thrilled.


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