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How can I get rid of the sour house smell?

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The buildin i live in is old , I call it "the house of smells" the hall way smells nasty as hell as i aproah my front door.I think it comes from the carpet, the when u get in my house it smells like nasty mildew or sour chemical smell, after cleaning the whole house for weeks bleaching, stem cleaning used lysol , anything u can think of! it would smell bad still.i finally figured out where the smell was coming from, it was the ac , wich is broken , i live in florida and u cant live witout ac here or ur house will smell like crap! So now I fell like th neonly thing that might get rid of the problem is to throw the wall down were the ac unit is and also get rid of the ac(central ac) and clean or burn the air ducts.

burn the house down. You will no longer have the musty smell.

I left a pot on the fire, full blast and left for 4 hours, house was completely covered in smoke, no fire. All windows were opened and fans were put on for 8 hrs. House still smell like burnt popcorn

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