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How can I get rid of the sour house smell?

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JJ Henry:
I just wanted to throw in my secret. the best product I used is Room Shocker. I moved into a new (older) house and it had a strange sour/musty smell. I used Room Shocker and it took the smell right out and it never came back. Seriously this stuff is amazing. Check it out at

My house always had that old sour smell in the fall, i burn liquid poutpouri and sprinkle baking soda mixed with vanilla oil on my carpets let stand overnight then vacumn up helps alot.

My new apartment reeked like cat urine and moth balls. I had to have the carpet padding cleaned, the carpet cleaned 2x and I spray daily a cat urine odor remover on my floors and walls. If only people would spay/neuter. Mold will also cause smells, we found chunks of mold and rotten wood throughout our apartment. Replace your air filters, get air purifiers in every room or at least your bedroom and living room, I use a carbon and hepa filter. I have a bissel pet hair vaccume that works wonders, if you have a good income than I would suggest a Rainbow vaccume, my parents bought one because of my asthma when I was a girl. I also clean with tea tree oil and other aromatherapy oils. I put air fresheners in my air vents and have natural air fresheners throught out the house, I'm also currently buying a herb garden for my balcony so I have some flow of natural earthy smells. Good luck ,I hope any of this helps.

 My Recommendations to remove odors: - Use a steam extractor for cleaning carpets - Clothing may need to be washed several times - Take care of the air circulation - Take all the drawers out of your cabinets and open all the cupboard doors, wash inside and out paying attention to the drawer slides and around the hinges. - Unplug and wash your stove and refrigerator inside More info in my blog, Hope be useful!.

there is no way to get rid of the smell seft go to you closest store and rent a carpit cleaner it works great i have tryed it 9/10 it works give it a try or get new carpits


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