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Space heater efficiency


On trips to Russia and Ukraine I noticed the women -- when INDOORS -- wear coats, along with "babushkas" (scarves) on their heads.  Their utilities departments don't give them much heat usually.  

Our house is cool at times so we wear fleece vests and my wife wears a scarf on her head.  Sometimes until the fires are going well I wear a knit cap along with the vest.  

Vests are nice because they don't restrain you much.  Scarves make quite a difference, as do a comfortable pair of fluffy slippers or house sneakers that you only wear indoors.  

Cameron Day:
My wife really likes to be warm while I like a moderate temperature.  She uses a Biosmart infrared heater in her home office and is very happy with it.  I am happy too since it seems that since we've been using the heater our heating bills have gone down about 50%

I highly recommend getting an infrared heater for those who appreciate the warmth of a space heater but not the high electricity bills.

james hawkins:
i have seen the impossible happen before my eyes. experience has taught me to trust no living beings, including repairmen.

Great Article! Thanks for the insight, and as a Man living amongst Victorian Mansion Ceilings (15ft). I find it very useful to deduct a $200/mo. bill. The expansive area the rooms take up in the multi-storied, 2 bedroom home are unfitting for anyone who needs to condense their expenditures. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into a space heater!

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