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You can have an inexpensive wedding!

I got married 4 years ago and we spend $3000. Our biggest cost was the rental location ($1000). I purchased flowers from a farm in 5 gallon buckets and my friends helped me put table centerpieces together in old mason jars. I got a local cake shop to bake us a very simple stacked cake with very little decorations for $100 and then I put fresh flowers on top. Grocery stores are also a cheap way to go for cakes and food.  For drinks we had the caterer bring ice tea and lemonade and then we bought a keg of beer and bottles of wine from Costco.  Dinner was catered and was a chicken BBQ cooked onsite (for about $8/person). There are so many things you don't need you just have to decide which things are really important to the two of you. I also scored some cool stuff on EBay.  We had about 60 people at our wedding.  - Good luck!

Hi, as far as the wedding, I would go on and put an ad that you are looking for a used wedding dress in your size, you could also maybe barter some skill you might have in exchange, you might also ask to rent someones wedding dress for the night and leave something with them for collateral, since they don't know you. I know my old church had a gym attached and we rented it to have my baby shower there, it is normally a preschool, Monday to Friday, so we set up tables with our own decorations, and had the food catered and the kids had a place to play it was ideal, ginny

I saw a television reality show where a couple got their dream wedding 100% free. She went around to different businesses soliciting them to donate to her wedding (dresses, cake, flowers, the hall, etc...) in exchange for them being invited to her reception to advertise and drum up other business. If you have the guts, I guess I would say try it. This woman's fiance wouldn't have any part in the planning but in the end he couldn't believe she had really pulled it off.

Check out buying some stuff on eBay.  I read an article about a woman who bought everything for her wedding on ebay and she got some great deals!

Check the Miscellaneous Area for other replies.  She posted the same question there.


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