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If you sew make your own dress and the bridesmaids dresses. ›If not then go shopping at 2nd hand shops. ›I have seen brand new wedding dresses for under $100.00 at some Thrift Stores. ›The same for pretty gowns the only problem I see is they may not all be the same design. If that doesn't appeal, check the internet especially ebay (make sure you review comments about the seller before making a purchase). ›Also since paypal offers a guarantee refund over (I think) $50.00 twice a year for the buyer I would use paypal. ›Check them out for details. ›You can find beautiful dresses (many new) there. ›My friend ›has sold many new gowns on ebay. ›There are also dealers that might have several sizes of the same gown for your bridesmaid outfits. ›You can rent mens tuxedos or use nice suits. ›The wedding can be outdoors in a friends or family members yard followed by the reception. ›Or have the wedding at your church and the reception in the basement or local fire hall. ›For food you can make your own. ›Then store it in the refrigerator at the fire hall. ›My friends made vegetable platters and had sandwich platters for guest to make their own. ›They even served sloopy joes and bake beans from crock pots. ›One of the guest made the cake as her gift. ›You could ask other guest to do the food as their gift as well. ›Make sure they are reliable ›and have an emergency supply of snack food on hand in case there would be a problem. ›Have the wedding start after lunch and end before dinner and just serve snack food. ›Make sure you tell them it will only be snacks and the wedding cake in the invitations. Flowers could be dried and saved from friends and familys special events. ›This takes a big effort on your part but a lady did this for her daughters wedding a few years back as reported on the news. ›Do a search on this topic. ›You could get them from your local grocerier cheaper than most florist if you want real ones. ›If the wedding is in the summer Get them free from friends or public land (where permitted) from their flower beds. ›You could use silk ones for your bouquet and ballons for the rest of your decorations. ›Regarding invitations you can make your own and hand them out. ›Include a reply card with a stamp and your telephone number to send an R.S.V.P. ›

Check out the Dollar Stretcher articles for ideas. › ›Do a search using 'frugal wedding ideas' as your key words for other web sites that have wedding ideas. › › ›  

Hey there everyone! This is my first time posting here. Here's my dilemma- my boyfriend just revealed to me this past weekend that the only reason he hasn't proposed to me yet is because he doesn't have enough money to pay for the traditional $20,000 wedding for me, and it's been really upsetting him and making him feel inadequate. I was overwhelmed, of course, with love for the him and his sentiments, but I really don't have any interest in that kind of extravagance! I'd be perfectly content to marry him at city hall tomorrow, but we both would really like to have a wedding that is very personal, and maybe start a few traditions of our own. So, I'm here trying to get some creative ideas from all of you! About the where, the cake, the decorations, everything! I've got a lot of ideas but I'm sure there are things you all could suggest that I'd never even think of! Mostly, we just want to celebrate our love in a style that is all about who we are together. So fire away! Any suggestions are VERY welcome and much appreciated!


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