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Work at home ideas for pregnant women

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I think thats horrible that any one would post, Sell the baby!!!! Thats jus wrong how would you like it if u were helpless and handycapped and couldnt make decisuons for urself and ur owner,parents whatever decide to "sell" you cuz thsy couldnt afford u into thete daily buget! Im sorry but totally against adoption. If u can afford a roof over ur head u can afford ur kid, and fhe poor helplesd thing cant even make its own decesion! Im sure u wouldnt want that!! Its so cruel!!!

It requires me to work when ever I want. It cost me $100 to start and $50 for a website, but after that I only work online so I don't have to leave as much unless I have to. Starting off selling to family and close friends I started on selling $3000. It is a very well known company so that made it easy. And since you make 50%of the sales I had $1500 the first month. Since my friends joined as consultants too I make commission off of them. It really helps for when i'm just not feeling well I still make money off of the sales they make. If this opportunity interests you send me a message on my website. I truly believe this is the best. Business for a stay at home mom. Especially when it gives you the opportunity to meet other women that support you and allows you to win free cars. I'm trying to win a free car because my car is not very child safe so I'm very grateful my friend started me out on this business.

i am 5 month pregnent what kind of homely work i can do How to sleep

ebay is an excellent idea! my 4yr old out grows her clothes so fast i sell the nice clothes that she hasnt spilled icecream on lol. and its also a good way 2 clear clutter. in my first 2 weeks i made 200 bucks from old clothes and shoes that dont fit anymore. sure helps!

"Sell" the baby! If she can see her way clear for this, OPEN adoption is available that will allow her to maintain contact with her baby (of course she can do a closed adoption). Adoptive parents are out there in large numbers who will pay for her upkeep, for her maternity/medical expenses, and depending on the state she lives in how much, a certain fee that is in the thousands of dollars. Depending on where she lives, arrangements may be made in which her lout (ex-)husband can be compelled to pay child support to the adoptive parents (adoptive in relation to her; foster in relation to him). The creep could at least have stayed with her until she gave birth. Yes, sell his junk he left behind. It's abandoned. He should have taken anything he wanted with him.


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