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Work at home ideas for pregnant women

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Sorry to hear about your daughter's lost. Two thoughts here. 1. Mom - There isn't a magic job that will give her 100K for doing nothing. That includes apples Industry. Stop being overtly protective and think of things for you to do to make yourself feel better. Craft show sales don't generate enough revenue for your efforts. Have her move in. If the pregnancy is so high risk, there's a constant threat of being hospitalized, she is going to need around the clock help anyways. That means more then any tea cozy you can summon up with your magic yarn. 2. Daughter - Get rid of expenses; this means everything that you do not need to survive, including the car. Move in with Mom & Dad. Rent out the house. Do some data entry if it comes your way, but if not, brush up on divorce law yourself so legal representation can be minimal thus less per hour billing., etc.

Nicole :
I am getting close to my due date and hav very little income or a steady place to stay. I just want to kno if there is any type of work I can do at home. All I have been finding is jobs that require money up front that i do not have. So if someone could let me know about any legit jobs I can do at home. I have a history and certification in customer service.

Anissa Sunshine:
Sell some of the things in the home that are no longer used(the husbands things first LOL) on EBAY. Every 6 months I sell my little girls outgrown things on Ebay and it is usually enough to pay the light bill and still have some left over. I have even started going to thrift stores with the left over money and find nice things and you would not believe the profit I make sometimes.....

Let us know what ideas you have for pregnant women to make an income while staying at home.  This can be a full-time or part-time income making idea.


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